The Power of Motivation was written to help you empower your positive emotions. Again, you need         to understand that in every situation there is a choice to be made.


Whenever we are unsuccessful at dealing with discomfort we fear the anticipation of more pain. This fear isn’t actual pain but a warning that unless things change the future will get worse. This can happen in any of the six key areas of our lives. (e.g. if we lose our job, we get fearful we will lose our current level of comfort). If we do not believe the future will get better we will experience…

Hurt: We begin to lose hope for all the promises life has to offer. Our hope of happiness is gone, therefore we are hurt. When we experience loss of love, joy or comfort we hurt inside. This happens when we break-off with a girlfriend, lose money or become overweight.

Anger: When we are hurt we become bitter towards the people who were contributing to our love, joy and comfort.

Frustration: We know there is more to life because we have experienced it before but we don’t quite know how to get back to that place where we felt purposeful. As a result we take action: read self-help books, go to school, attend seminars and give it our best shot to build the confidence necessary to make progress. As we learn, we increase confidence, put our hopes up, get excited again and then anticipate success in our lives. But when life’s trials result in failure we give up our hope and experience…

Disappointment: If you’ve given up on working towards your goals, you have achieved disappointment. When you were hurt you still had a spark of hope. If you are disappointed you believe that your expectations of success are not going to be realized. You have lost all sense of hope. This is the beginning of a very painful process. Eventually disappointment leads to…

Guilt: This is the stage where you participate in self sabotage. You know you ought to change, but you just don’t want to try anymore. Each time you fail to try, you feel guilty. Unless you get the courage to try again, you will feel…

Inadequacy: You’ve lost hope. You begin to feel you are worthless. You don’t believe you are capable anymore. You could feel inadequate in any of the six major areas of your life; your finances, health, career, spiritual well being, relationships, and social life.

Unless you seek outside help, someone who can help you believe in yourself again, you will move towards…

Depression: At this point you are overloaded with pain. All the Pain you experience is meaningless. It serves no greater purpose. Usually not all areas of life will be depressed at the same time. You could be depressed financially yet still be in love with the woman of your dreams. You could have awesome health yet be depressed about your career. Each of the six major areas can cause fluctuations in your emotions. If you don’t believe you can change you won’t believe that you are in control of your life. You might even believe that life is not worth living anymore. At this stage your hope for survival is to reach for drugs or alcohol to deaden the overwhelming pain and shame that you feel.

As a result you become dependent on these “quick fix” solutions, which of course are no solutions at all.

Unless you act out of faith and ask for help from God or your fellow neighbor you will lose control of your life to drugs or some other form of addiction. These addictions can perhaps be seen as the difference between your lifeline and death.

If you believe that the only emotion you will experience in the future is pain, you will seriously consider suicide. If you’ve lost hope for happiness in each of the six key areas of your life then you are headed  towards suicide. Hope is more important than food.

If you and I want to survive we must believe the future will get better, in spite of out current circumstances. You can go for months without food. Take all hope away with the promise of nothing but pain and you won’t survive even that long.

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Seth Simon Mwakitalu

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