Dominating Thoughts

We live in a world where information is everywhere. In short , we are in the information age. The challenge is having mixture of information to the extent that if one is not careful enough, there is a possibility of being confused with the information.

It is expected that information should be of help. Thus, the usefulness of the information will mainly depend on the person if and only if decides to be selective. Nowadays, bad news is news well circulated and in return remains destructive. It is from this point, one should decide which one to read, listen and see.

The fact is that, the kind of information one interested with will dominate his/her minds in the long run and as a results will automatically affects his/her actions.

In a conclusion – It is a well established principle of psychology that a person’s acts are always in harmony with the dominating thoughts of his or her mind. TAKE CARE.

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