Life is a single word but with a lot of details. Becoming what you want to become is also about it and this is an area will discuss at lengthy for today.

It should be understood that wishing having so and so is very easy but taking actions is where most of people fail and being frustrated. People should know that action is the miracle happening to those daring to do and forget having your wish without actions.

I usually advise people that whatever you are wishing to posses are already possessed  by others. Thus, one should consult those already in possession so as to know what it takes acquiring them. This means that he/she should be ready to take the pains required to become what he/she wants to become, or you might end up becoming something you’d rather not be.

It’s like the hub versus rim theory – do you want to be the hub, or the rim? Being the hub means you’re more centered, more central; being on the rim is being away from the action or driving force. When I emphasize the importance of focus that is one way of visualizing it. Focusing on the center, on  what’s really important in your life, can make the difference  between your being the hub or on the rim.

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