Are You Fired Up?

Are You Fired Up?

—An Acronym for Success—

Aim high and dream.

Rekindle yourself by writing down your dreams.

Expect yourself to keep dreaming bigger.

You need to get help from people who are where you want to be.

Organize and energize yourself by sharing your dream with your mentor or leader.

Use goal setting to take charge of your life.

Fire up your life by working toward your dreams.

Ignite your dreams by dream building.

Request career and business-building counseling from your leader or mentor to—get on the fast track of success.

Enthusiastically follow the system of success for your industry.

Dreams do come true, when you get fired upand consistently take action—never giving up.

Use every career and business-building tool you can, and attend every seminar recommended by your leader or mentor.

Pursue your dream and help others pursue theirs—with passion, persistence, and a positive vision of the outcome.

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