Authenticity and Your Real Story

Authenticity and Your Real Story

We all tell stories about ourselves—to others and to ourselves. But the stories you tell yourself

aren’t always the same as the stories you tell the world, are they? You want the world to see you a

certain way, but that’s not always the way that you see yourself.

Successful people know how to get honest with their stories and make sure they’re telling

authentic stories to the world and to themselves. That means the story you tell yourself has to be the

same as the story you tell the world. It all has to be authentic.

If you don’t get your stories in harmony, they’re going to clash, and ultimately, two things will

happen: 1) You’ll be found out, and 2) your progress toward your dreams will be threatened. When

you’re not telling the same stories to the world that you’re telling yourself about who you are and

what  you’re capable of, the disharmony pervades every aspect of your life.

Ask yourself if you’re being authentic. Are you being honest about your story—who you are, what

you’ve experienced, and where you are today? This is a time to get really honest. What’s your story?

What are you trying to hide from? What don’t you want other people to know? You want to get to the

heart of this, because sure enough, even if you think you’re hiding it, your story, your true story, will

show up in the way that you show up, in your business, in your interaction with clients, and in your

sales process.

For example, if you’re desperate to pay your bills, you don’t want to show that in your business.

You’ll  try to look successful, but ultimately, without you even realizing it, you’ll probably show up as

desperate to make a sale. If your true story and the story you tell the world don’t coincide, the truth

will shine through, even when you think it won’t. So get clear about what your story is, especially the

parts  you’re hiding from, and turn that story around so it works for you, not against you.

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