People more often complain about lacking capital to do business. This made most being blind of the first capital each one was born with.

It should be well understood and believed that God gave each of us a capital to run our lives. The very capital is MIND. Mind is everything when comes to life problems solving processes.

The difficult think is that we do not give time to think and worst enough we do not not make a habit of sitting at a quite place which is the very favorable environment for thinking exercise.

There times our minds give us very useful ideas to implement but we do not capture them by writing down and thereby forgetting them. I would strongly advice to have a pocked sized note book to help you capturing ideas.

It should be remembered, however, that the mind requires, for its development, a variety of exercise, just as the physical body, to be properly developed, calls for many forms of systematic exercise.

Mind development activities involves:-

  1. Reading appropriate books from very prominent figures.
  2. Listening through videos from speeches of successful people
  3. Attending proper training
  4. Meeting with successful people
  5. Associating with positive people by eliminating all negative people in your life
  6. Applying all good things learned in your life and most importantly be consistent.
  7. The list goes on, but surely your brain will be well developed  and be the first class working capital in life. Give time to think a daily habit.

Thanks and regards,

Seth Simon Mwakitalu

Entrepreneurship Consultant and Lifestyle Trainer

Email: seth.mwakitalu@creativeminds.or.tz

Tel: +255 754 441325 or +255 714 051174


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