How to Succeed in Life

Most of us see success as unattainable. We compare ourselves to people who “society” heralds as successful, and we never measure up. We settle for less than living up to our potential, which is much higher than we know it is. But success is very simple. It is not magical.

To be successful in life, you need to be two things: Passionate and humble. Let’s look at those two emotional states.

How to Succeed in Life: Be Passionate

Apathy might be in style, but it won’t get you anywhere. When you are passionate, you are aflame with inspiration. You are driven by your purpose in life, a purpose much greater than yourself that without fail serves others.

How to Succeed in Life: Be Humble

Passion without humility can be dangerous — in  a state of passion, one can intellectually justify doing things that are far below his dignity and that do not serve his true purpose in life. Humility means being a vessel for spiritual energy, and being solely focused on your true purpose in life. Humility means being totally present (as much as you can be). In the language of Jewish mysticism, humility is called “Bittul”. It means self-nullification. Note that it does not mean self-hatred, or self-abnegation. Instead, the ego takes a back seat to being fully present and embodied, ready to receive energy from Above.

Passion drives you forward, and humility keeps you focused. That’s why they are the two keys to how to succeed in life.

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