1. Make a reflective thinking a daily habit
  2. Focus on most important activities during the day you will be more productive and achieve more greater results.
  3. Your habits will determine your future.
  4. Building excellent relationships is a habit, and it produces wonderful rewards.
  5. Brilliant people do brilliant work. They do it on time and they do it consistently.
  6. Be patient, and gradually surround yourself with first-class team of people who will make your life joyful and rich beyond measure.
  7. Prosperity in life is derived more from who you know not what you know.
  8. Experience tells you what to do, confidence allows you to do it.
  9. It is not what happens determine your future rather what you do with what happens.
  10. If you want to gain confidence, accelerate your progress and restore your energy to maimum levels, you must confront your fears.
  11. Resolve your unfinished business and identify your deeper fears. Make it a habit to learn more about yourself.
  12. Success comes from
    1. Study
    2. Hard work
    3. Good planning
    4. Taking risks – Everything you want is on the other side of fear.
  13. Self discipline is the master key to success. Success weighs tons of discipline. Self discipline is self control
  14. Happiness is clearly related to our level of confidence.
  15. Talk to people who support you best that is mentors,, friends and family
  16. One of the main reasons for stoppage in results is that you’re not practicing the fundamentals.
  17. Focusing on one goal I can finish in the next seven days – something simple. I do not think about anything else.
  18. The world responds to who asks. Always ask for business.

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