1. Clear thinking – is the hardest part of all
    • Take time to think
    • More carefully – you think results into best decision
    • Sit quietly with no noises is when will have a clear thinking
    • You will easily identify the inside voice
    • Experience reflective thinking
  1. Daily goal setting – What do I really want to do with my life. Every day you have to write your goals within the spiral note book – Do it for 21 days.
  2. Discipline planning your day before the day starts. Write everything you want to do then priotise the listing. Discipline yourself not doing something with low value.
    • Increase productivity
    • Working your plan
    • Identify one fear in your life – Solution-Face fear.
  3. Discipline of courage
    • Force yourself to do what you are supposed to do. Confront fear. “I CAN DO IT”
    • Develop with practice
    • Confidence grows by doing not by thinking. Only actions produce results
    • Procrastination is a one – way ticket to staying stuck. It’s an excuse not to perform.
    • Too many people never let the real person within them come alive.
    • There is a direct link between your attitude and the choices you ultimately make. Attitude has a lot to do with yor success and your daily ability to get what you want.
  4. Discipline of physical health
    • Get a clear picture of the body you like.
    • Design ideal body – what are required
    • Eat less exercise more (Better in the morning)
    • Avoid anything white eg sugar, donats, salts the list goes on
    • Cultivate the habit of eating fruits, vegetables, proteins and drinking a lot of water
    • Eat before 6 pm
    • Get regular mental check
  5. Discipline of getting rid of debts
    • Set a goal for financial independence
    • Multiple investments where cash working capital can be raised through regular savings.
    • Avoid these behavior which will keep you broke. Involving yourself with pleasure, visitation to tourist resorts, all these being attracted because of having money. It is not a good habit. Money should not change you. Control your money and do not allow money to control you.
    • As a formular to financial independence – Make a must instead of spending go for investment. Develop a habit of saving 10% – 15% for a start for whatever income passes your hand. These savings should turn into investments. It is only a way of accumulating cash for investment. I would strongly discourage savings for life. The best option is saving for investments. Keep on adding them. If you can not save money meaning you do not have greatness seed.
    • Most of millionaires never buy new cars. Have you asked yourself WHY?
    • Avoid bills whenever possible. The best practice is paying cash
  6. Discipline of hard work
    • Work harder than anybody else.
    • The harder you work the luck you become
    • Work all the time you work.
    • Stay away with time wasters
    • Start earlier
    • Eat at desk
    • Work is work, fun later if you work. Back to work
  7. Discipline to continuous learning
    • 50 books a year equivalent to PHD
    • Educational CDs
    • Courses
    • Seminar
  8. Discipline of persistence – To begin and to endure

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