Alert =  At the ready, mindful, using intelligence, on guard, conscious, being at the ready everyday and using intelligence will keep you mindful of your priorities and your state of balance. When you are truly alertly you are more conscious of what is going on. What is the opposite of alert? Mindless, unprepared, unconscious, off-guard and stupid. Choose being Alert or unprepared and stupid.

Every well-built house started with a definite plan in the form of BLUEPRINT.

The one thing that separates winners from losers is winners take actions. The amount of action you put into your day will determine your score.

There is a difference between being busy and taking specific, well planned action. You can have a busy day with nothing to show for it. It’s better to invest your time in what you do best. Concentrate on the activities that produce the greatest results for you.

Remember, you deserve time off, so take it.

There are essentially two things will make you wiser – THE BOOKS YOU READ AND THE PEOPLE YOU MEET.

Your level of curiosity about how life and business really work will go a long way towards helping you become wealthy. You can learn from books, tapes, video and well selected media.

Develop the habit of reading at least twenty to thirty minutes in the morning. It’s a great way to start your day.

What should you read? Anything that is stimulating, challenging, or gives you an edge in your industry or profession.

Whatever you do, avoid digesting any negative portions of the newspapers. Loading up on wars, murders, riots, and disasters will only drain your energy before the day has begun-not a good plan.

Another way of learning is by turning your car to a learning center. Audio tapes are one of the most productive ways to expand awareness. When you apply what you learn, you’ll earn more.

Invite successful person to lunch every month someone you really respect and admire.

When we are in touch with our emotions we acquire deeper insights and understanding. It is ok to shed a few tears now and then. Learn a little everyday.

Final advice for today. All of the above will be meaningful if you value exercise.

  1. Exercising improves your sleeping habits.
  2. Exercising increases your energy level.
  3. Exercising relieves stress and anxiety.
  4. Exercising protects you against injury.
  5. Exercising promotes a health posture.
  6. Exercising relives digestive disorders.
  7. Exercising enhances your self image.
  8. Exercising expands your longevity.

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