1. Your habits and belief systems are a product of your environment. Understand that the people you hang around with and the environment you live in strongly influence what you do.
  2. Successful habits formula
  • Capture best ideas from successful people
  • Define your successful new habits
  1. Develop your habit of
    • Punctuality
    • Order
    • Diligence
    • Determination to concentrate one subject at a time
  2. You must invest most of your time every week doing what you do best and let others do what they do best. When you focus most of your time and energy doing the things you are truly brilliant at you eventually reap big rewards.
    • The first step is to look at your original list of weekly activities and select three things you don’t like doing, resist doing or just not good at.
    • You have four options to choose from
      • Dump it – Learn to say “NO, I choose not to do this”.  Be firm.
      • Delegate it – Simply ask, “ Who else could do this”.
      • Defer it – These are issues that you do need to work on, but not right away. They can genuinely be differed.
      • Do it – Do it now. Don’t make excuses. Remember, if you don’t take prompt action you’ll end up with all those nasty consequences.
  1. Stick to what you know best and keep refining these talents. Being conscious every day of the activities you choose to spend your time on. Focus on benefits and rewards of sticking to your priorities, and remind yourself of the negative consequences if you don’t.
  2. Take your most important priorities immediately. Success isn’t magic; it is simply learning how to focus.
  3. The life which is unexamined is not worth living.

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