The truth of the matter is the law of universe exists and one needs to understand this fact. This will help you shaping your attitude. One of the law says “What goes around comes around”, Thus you should never do anything bad to any body as the same will be done to you and vice versa.

The best could advice is that, do not react instead make responding a habit. This will save you with many things. Thus, when things happen that might be outside the outline of  your game plan, ask yourself, “Is this a blip or is it a  catastrophe?”

Let your passion for your work carry you through all  the setbacks they can throw at you. Be it wind, water,  resignations, scandals, whatever—you can prevail. Your  insurance for overcoming these perils is free—it’s called  never giving up! In short not only you should survive, but thrive.

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Seth Simon Mwakitalu

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