Believe me, whenever I hear someone saying – “Because I can.”  Believe me, those are powerful words, with an equally powerful  feeling to go along with them. Imagine saying that to someone  yourself—“Because I can!” It’s a great feeling, and it makes all  the work that went into acquiring and developing those beautiful properties and buildings worth it. Make part of you by adapting the wording “Because I can” for sure stimulates everything in the body like an angry army ready to concur a war.

This reminds me about successful people as being successful allows you to help in a big way. That’s  another reason to keep at it. Knowing you’re going to be able to  give back more if you succeed is a wonderful incentive to keep  going. If you never give up, you’ll be able to give back—and  that’s something to remember.

With all the good words like “because I can”, being successful and all the positive wording you can mention, remember and accept the fact which says: “EXPECT PROBLEMS AND  YOU’LL BE READY WHEN  THEY COME”. This will make you strong and will not be shaken by any problems along the way.

Because believe me, you will have  problems! It doesn’t matter if your name is Bill Gates or not, we all  experience these things. Expect it!

While discussing on “Because I can” we should always understand that the most characteristic of a good leader is DISCIPLINE. It helps if everyone has it, but if a leader  doesn’t, he or she won’t be one for very long.

Therefore, In other words, learn everything you  can about what you want, know what you are up against,  and research every aspect of your endeavor. Talk to all  the experts you can find. It can’t be a hit or miss  approach. The odds are already against you, so don’t  make it harder on yourself by being negligent.

Enjoy your day. “Because I can.

Thanks and regards,

Seth Simon Mwakitalu

Entrepreneurship Consultant and Lifestyle Trainer


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