It is 8th of January 2017 meaning that counting down already started. I strongly urge to you not involving in counting days rather your actions. Why doing one if you can do three. This kind of thinking and adjusting yourself to be more accountable is worth doing.

I usually say, if you want to be part of the action, you can’t watch from sidelines. Give yourself a goal and focus on it. Write it down.

Hopefully if you are one of the daily readers of my articles you might have come across with this statement “There is a lot of information now that proves that making lists-even if you are able to do it in your mind, which I am-is effective”

In fact, three lists should be in your mind at all times:

  1. Your daily goals first
  2. Your year’s goal second
  3. Then your lifetime goals

Look at or think about these lists daily-it will help your focus tremendously. A lot of people don’t realize that stress is directly related to loss of focus-so if you learn to control your power of focus, you’ll be on the way to conquering stress in your life.

Always make sure you get your undertakings done right.  I know what great is. I know what  mediocre is. Never let you and Mediocre get along if you are to maintain stress free life.

Have high  standards for yourself, and therefore, don’t put up with  less than the best. If you have a product or a brand,  or a business, you’d better have the same attitude or  you’re not playing hardball. This focus is make you a  name for yourself.

Have the ability to get things done and  to get them done right. Very few people will argue with  that fact, whether they like me or not. You should be able to deliver the  goods. Rock solid is rock solid. Work  toward that reputation for yourself. This is the very cure of stress.

Wishing you all the best for the best of luck.


Seth Simon Mwakitalu

Entrepreneurship Consultant and Lifestyle Trainer


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