In the business world  hearing different stories is very common. Stories like loss, profit, consignment being lost, car involved in an accident and a lot of items being stolen or damaged, missed tenders, misunderstanding between partners, the list goes on.

It should be clearly understood that if you’re not running into major challenges, you’re doing something easy, and probably not that valuable-and it’s probably not going to make much money for you.

Problem often signals a big opportunity. Be prepared to work long and hard for it. Seriously speaking if you are doing something significant/big project always expect problems and setbacks. It’s all part of the game.

My advice to you is “Don’t be afraid to pursue multiple options, or multiple people, at the same time. If one thing doesn’t work out, you’ve got back up options. I promise you, not everything is going to work. In fact, you may have to try a lot of things to get just one thing to work. That’s tenacity, and it’s critical to success.


Seth Simon Mwakitalu

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