We are living at a time where have a lot of information and ad-hocks. One might find himself/herself doing very little because of attending unproductive activities sometimes known as time stealers.

You find someone every time a telephone rings jumps to answer it. When a letter or fax shows up on your desk you react to the request immediately, even if it does not require an immediate answer. This kind of tendency takes away of the focus.

Instead, focus on your priorities. Whenever a choice to do or not to do something has to be made, use the 4-D Formula to help you prioritize. You have four options to choose from:
1. Dump It – Learn to say “No I choose not to do this” Be firm

2. Delegate It – These are tasks that need to be done, but you are not the person to do them. Hand them over to someone else, with no guilt or regrets. Simply ask, ” Who else could do this?”.

3. Defer It – These are issues that you do need to work on, but not right away.They can genuinely be deferred. Schedule a specific time at a later date to handle this type of work.

4. Do It – Do it now. Important projects need your attention right away, so get started today. Move forward. Give yourself a reward for completing these projects. Don’t take prompt action you’ll end up with all those nasty consequences.

Wishing you all the best for the best of luck.

Seth Simon Mwakitalu

Entrepreneurship Consultant and Lifestyle Trainer


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