Asset has been defined by different people differently. Accountants call Motor vehicles, buildings to mention few being categorized under asset classification. However, people like Robert Kiyosaki define asset as something that puts money in your pocket; this means that whatever takes money from your pocket shouldn’t be called asset instead  a liability.

From Robert Kiyosaki’s definition, you will agree with me that vehicles, buildings will only be termed as asset if and only if bring money in your pocket and thus if not then should be under liabilities.

After all the details regarding asset, let us now look at the greatest asset. One will be regarded having the greatest asset if it is the only one giving a great deal of money into the pocket compared to others.

Principally every one has this kind of asset. What is needed is to identify among your varieties so as to protect it and make sure it keeps on increasing bringing a lot of money.

Let us look closely to the following example so as to have a better understanding of THE GREATEST ASSET:-

“George Best , one of the world’s greatest soccer stars in the sixties, often stayed long after the other players had finished training . George knew his greatest assets were his feet. He would line up balls at varying distances from the goal posts and practice his scoring touch time after time. As a result he was Manchester United ‘s top goal posts scorer for six consecutive seasons. It’s this type of discipline that create brilliance”.

Notice how top performers spend very little time on their weaknesses. It’s important to clearly differentiate your areas of brilliance from your weaknesses. You are probably good at alot of things, even excellent in some. Others you are competent at, and if you are honest, there some things you are totally useless at doing.

To conclude to clearly define your area of brilliance, ask yourself a few questions. What do you do effortlessly-without a lot of study or preparation? AND WHAT DO YOU DO THAT OTHER PEOPLE FIND DIFFICULT? What could you create using your unique talents?

We are all blessed with a few God-given talents (THE GREATEST ASSETS). A big part of your life is discovering what these are, then utilizing and applying them to the best of your ability. The discovery process takes years for many people, and some never truly grasp what their greatest talents are. Consequently, their lives are less fulfilling.

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