Today is 1st January, 2017. Each and every one has something to say as the year begins. Some have come up with new resolutions, strategies, changing business, getting green pasture employment and so forth.

All of the above mentioned are not bad. The only challenge is that if that have been the song of every new year and when comes  the end of the year,  one finds not much have been accomplished compared to the beginning expectations.

Today have some advice for you. If you say you want to be more competent/productive in your work, you work to become more competent. You study, practice, seek out mentors, and hold yourself accountable to your word.

You should always understand that there are people all around you who are doing what you have said you want to do, living the life you dream of, and being left on the one-yard line of life is a terrible place to be.

You have overcome all of the obstacles to get you this close. You have persevered to this point, and definitely don’t want to settle for almost making it!

Make sure you start the New Year with a determination and desire to see things happening no matter what.

Happy New Year 2017

Seth Simon Mwakitalu

Entrepreneurship Consultant and Lifestyle Trainer


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