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Due to globalization, challenges in life have been increasing to most people every single day. The cost of living has sky rocketed. As a result most people are looking for ways to earn extra income to achieve financial stability.

Self employment and entrepreneurship is now coming into place to resolve the situation. As Mr. Robert Kiyosaki and Mr. Donald Trump (the world’s prominent business builders) note on their latest book The Midas Touch, “the world needs more entrepreneurs”. Most people would love to do their own businesses and keep themselves away from the pressures of employment, however, the challenge is that the education system in most schools is geared at preparing people to become employees and not job creators. As a result, there is a huge deficit of entrepreneurship skills education. As we are now in the 21st century, having the right mindset, philosophy and business skills are the most vital factors for success in business.

Creative Minds Association (CMA) has been established to provide the necessary skills, mindset and philosophy required to start and grow businesses in the 21st century. We organize powerful events that give room for persons to get business insights from top business performers in East Africa, people who started from scratch and made it to the top, via 21st century business models.